A. All association competition, including tournaments and playoffs, shall be conducted on a standard 18" English style bristle 20 point clock faced dartboard.

B. Dartboards shall be placed 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the center of the bulls eye with the 20 wedge at the top center. This wedge shall be dark in color.

C. The foul line will be 7 feet 9-1/4 inches from the surface of the dartboard measured along the floor and will be not less than 36 inches long, 18 inches to each side of the center. The foul line may rise no more than 4 inches from the floor. The foul line will be considered to be the edge of the tape closest to the dart board and the edge of the raised foul line furthest from the dart board.

D. The sponsoring body will be responsible for supplying and maintaining the association play dartboard which must be deemed acceptable to both home and visiting teams. If there is more than one board, the home team will determine which board will be used for match play.

E. The dartboard wire spider must be intact and the double and triple rings must be within a tolerance of 1/32" of the usual space of 3/8".

F. All association play dartboards shall be firmly anchored and well illuminated.

G. The sponsoring body will be responsible for supplying and maintaining a scoring surface upon which the scorer will record in writing the score of each round of darts. This scoring surface must be well lighted, unobstructed, and located in such a position that a score may be easily read by the thrower, players and spectators without distraction to the thrower.

NOTE: Electronic scoreboards may be used during match play provided that a written record of the amount scored in each round of darts is maintained on the scoring surface noted above.

H. Darts used in Association play shall not exceed an overall maximum length of 30.5cm (12 in.) nor weigh more then 50gm per dart. Each dart shall consist of a recognizable point, barrel and flight. Split tip darts are illegal.

I. Association rules and regulations as well as team schedules and up-to-date weekly reports must be posted OR readily available in each competing pub or club at all times.


A. All matches will be scheduled for either a Monday or Tuesday night except during playoffs. Should a recognized national or bank holiday fall on a scheduled match date, then the competing teams will, at their option, play the match on a mutually accommodating day, BEFORE the next scheduled game.

B. Any match rescheduled through the mutual consent of the concerned team captains must be played prior to the next regularly scheduled match. The association must also be notified. Playoff matches will not be rescheduled.

C. Starting time for the first game of a scheduled match is 8:00 PM. A match not underway by 8:30 PM is subject to forfeit.

D. If a team captain knows that his team will be unable to attend a match, he MUST NOTIFY the opposing team PRIOR TO 8:00 PM ON THE NIGHT OF THE MATCH with the intent to reschedule the match. The TEAM that is READY for the match WILL DECIDE WHEN AND IF the match is to be rescheduled, prior to the next regularly scheduled match, within the next 6 calendar days. If the team captain does not call by 8:00 PM then the match will be forfeited. At least one association officer must be notified of the cancellation of the match, and a message to that effect be left on the Association's recorded phone by BOTH team representatives.


A. Each match consists of a total of 20 points.

B. Three games of 401, single player, straight start, double finish. Each game won gains one match point.

C. Two games of cricket with points, 2 person teams. Each game won gains two match points. All cricket games shall be of the 15 through 20 plus cork format.

D. Three games of 301, single player, double in, double out. Each game won gains one match point.

E. One game of 601, three person teams, double in, double out. Winning team of this game will receive three match points.

F. Three games of cricket with points, single player. Each game won gains one match point.

G. Two games of 501, two person teams, double in, double out. Each game won gains two match points.

H. The visiting team throws first for the first game of 401, then the teams will alternate from that point on.


A. A team MUST have three members present for a match to be played. A team with two or less members present is subject to forfeit (except as noted in rule G below).

B. The playing lineup for each set of games must be completed before each set, without the opposing team being present.

C. The first set will be 401 singles and team cricket. The second set will be 301 singles and team 501. The third set will be team cricket and team 601. The fourth set will be single cricket and team 501.

D. All nine registered members of a team can be used in any order in any spot in their team's lineup, but only once in each set of games.

E. Match play for each set of games begins when the playing lineups for that set of games are exchanged. There are four (4) exchanges in each match. An exchange takes place when the playing lineup for a single set of games is completely written on each of the competing teams score sheets AND is READY to be VIEWED by a member of the opposing team for the purpose of writing said lineup on to their score sheet.

F. A team which has only three players at the time of the match MUST play the match, forfeiting only those points of the games that cannot be played because of the lack of players.

G. If a team has only two players at the time the lineup is prepared, but the team captain is reasonably certain that one or more players will arrive in time to play the match, then the names of those players can be placed on the score sheet. If a third player does not arrive before the end of the first exchange then the match will be forfeited. If the remaining missing players do not arrive in time for the start of their game, then those games, with the other (2) missing players, will be forfeited AND THOSE PLAYERS NAMES CROSSED OUT. Missing player(s) may NOT join a game in progress, but will be allowed to participate in the remaining exchanges of games.

H. No later than thirty minutes prior to the time competition is scheduled to begin, the playing board shall be cleared of play for player warmup. All warmup activities must be completed by 8:00 PM. After the practice session, each player is allowed three rounds of three darts each for practice prior to the game they are participating in.

I. The captains of each team are responsible for the smooth running of the match. Any dispute that arises during the course of play must be settled in private conference by the team captains.


A. Each member team shall be required to submit a roster of it's playing members prior to the start of each season. This roster shall consist of at least five players and not more than nine. A player may play on only one team per night.

B. The team captain's or team secretary's home telephone number must be listed with the association, not the bar number. If the team captain or team secretary cannot be reached, the president shall make decisions for that team.

C. The names of all players on the original application are considered to be permanent members. Any request for a roster change (additions or deletions to a team's roster) MUST be submitted, IN WRITING, on the ROSTER CHANGE FORM provided by the association. Any additions to a team's roster, received on the roster change form, must have the approval of the executive board BEFORE that person can participate in a match. NO CHANGES ARE AUTOMATIC. No changes will be allowed after the third week, except as covered by Article 5-E. If a team uses a player who does not have prior approval by the executive board (an unregistered player), penalty point(s) deduction will be imposed. In addition, all points won in any game(s) played by an unregistered player will be deducted from that team's score and credited to the opposing team, except when both teams use an unregistered player in the same game, then neither teams gets the point(s)

D. Teams are organized into divisions according to relative ability of the roster players. The top division(s) on each night are considered the GOLD CONFERENCE. The middle division(s) on each night are considered the BLUE CONFERENCE. The remaining divisions on each night are considered the RED CONFERENCE. The Conference structure for each night will be determined at the season set-up meeting.

E. In the event that the roster of a team falls to five or less members, that team shall be permitted to submit to the association the name or names of individuals who they would like to add to their roster, subject to approval.

F. Any player who, after playing at least one game, quits his team will be ineligible to re-register with another team on the same night during the current season. However, if a player is dropped from his team's roster any time during the current season may request to join another team for the remainder of the current season. The eligibility of this player to play for another team will be determined by the Executive Board.

G. A playing member must have played in seven of the season's scheduled matches in order to be eligible to compete in the playoffs. (participants in the mid-season singles will receive a match credit for the night that they compete - in the event a division has a bye a match credit will be given each team player for each bye).


Unregistered Player - A person who plays without prior approval of the Executive Board

Illegal Player - A person who plays using another person's name.
NOTE: All players must carry ID. Any player challenged and cannot produce ID the night of the match will be considered an illegal payer.

Ineligible Player - A person who has played at least one game for a team then quits and wants to join another team

Ineligible Player - A person with insufficient match credits to compete in the play-offs


A. Both teams are responsible for providing a score recorder who will attend to the evening's entries on the score sheets. NO MATCH CREDIT, CREDIT FOR WINS, OR ALL-STAR POINTS will be given to players of teams whose score sheets contain first names or nicknames only. Both teams are responsible for having someone check the score sheet entries as they are made to see that information and names are correct. ALL STAR POINTS must be entered immediately after they are scored. All star points for byes and matches entirely forfeited will be averaged at the end of the season. Therefore, all star points that are shot for in byes or matches entirely forfeited will not be counted. All star points for individual game forfeits within a match must be shot in accordance with Article 10 rule E.

B. To receive match credit a player MUST play at least one game in a match. If a player's name appears on the score sheet and does not play (forfeits) that game, then THAT PLAYER'S NAME SHALL BE CROSSED OUT and an F shall be entered for the score on the score sheet.

C. Both teams MUST mail in their evening's score sheets as soon as the match is over, using the envelopes the association has provided. Only WHITE association score sheets will be accepted, the yellow copy is for the team's records. A forfeit form MUST be sent in for forfeited matches for match credit purposes.

D. Only those score sheets signed by BOTH team captains will be considered valid. A score sheet must be filled out completely.

E. ALL SCORE SHEETS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN THREE (3) WEEKS OF THE MATCH DATE. TEAMS WHOSE SCORE SHEETS ARE NOT RECEIVED WILL NOT RECEIVE TEAM OR INDIVIDUAL CREDIT FOR MISSING SCORE SHEETS. The receipt of score sheets is mandatory for determining the eligibility of playing members for the playoff competition.

F. Individual records - Wins, losses and all stars must appear on both team score sheets and be identical.

G. All team scores for weeks 12 through 14 MUST BE CALLED IN so the association can determine proper playoff positions on time. Scores not called in immediately after the week 14 match will not be counted and may mathematically eliminate those teams from playoff competition. Score sheets must still be mailed to the association for individual (match, all star, etc.) credit.


A. All darts must be thrown by, and from, the hand.

B. A player must have both feet behind the foul line for each throw. Should a player have any portion of his feet or shoes over the foul line during a throw, all darts so thrown shall be counted as part of his throw, but any score made by said darts shall be invalid and not counted. One warning by the caller or scorer shall be considered sufficient before invoking this rule. A player wishing to throw a dart, or darts, from a point either side of the foul line, must keep his feet behind an imaginary straight line extending from either side of the foul line.

C. A "throw or round" shall consist of three darts, unless a match is completed in a lesser amount.

D. Any dart bouncing off, or falling out of the dartboard, shall NOT be rethrown.

E. For a dart to score, it must remain in the board 5 seconds after the third or final dart has been thrown by that player. The tip of the dart point must be touching the bristle portion of the board in order for that dart to be counted for score.

F. No dart shall be touched or removed by the thrower, another player, scorer or spectator, prior to the decision of the scorer.
          1. If the shooter or any member of his team touch any dart in the board, the round is over. Only the darts in the board shall count for score.
          2. If the scorer, a member of the opposing team, or any other member of the opposing team touch any dart in the board, the shooter has the option of                     counting the touched dart for score or rethrowing that dart. The touched dart shall be removed.

G. A dart's score shall be determined from the side of the wire at which the point of the dart enters the board.

H. One team captain will provide a "scorer", a person responsible for recording and calculating the score in writing on the scoring surface. The opposing team captain may provide a "caller", a person responsible to call the score of the darts thrown in each round of a game. However, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PLAYER TO VERIFY HIS SCORE AS WRITTEN BY THE SCORER BEFORE REMOVING HIS DARTS FROM THE BOARD. The score remains as written if one or more darts has been removed from the board. In '01 games, an error in arithmetic must stand as written, unless corrected prior to the beginning of that player's or team's next round. If a winning double is hit before the error is detected, the game is over. In cricket games, NO score shall be written by the scorer until the third or final dart of that a round has been thrown and NO changes in any scoring may be made after the next player has thrown his first dart.

I. In doubles/team events, no player may throw until each teammate has completed their throw. The FIRST player throwing out of turn shall forfeit such turn.

NOTE: 601 is the only team event in which the shooting order MUST be followed exactly as written on the score sheet.

J. The scorer may inform the thrower what he has scored and/or what has left. He MAY NOT inform the thrower what he has left in terms of number combinations.

K. A player must step away from the foul line in order to confer with his team about score or strategy.

L. A game is concluded at such time as a player hits the "double" required to reduce the remaining score to zero. Any dart(s) thrown subsequently, shall not count for score.


A. HIGH ON - Starting with a required double and totaling 95 or above in one round of darts. This only applies to 301, 501, and 601 games; NOT 401.

Scoring: Total of the double and darts thrown AFTER the double.

B. HIGH CLOSE - Winning the game with a required double and totaling 95 or above in that round of darts.

Scoring: Total of the double and darts thrown BEFORE the double.


301 - A complete 301 game in 15 darts or less.
401 - A complete 401 game in 18 darts or less.
501 - A complete 501 game in 21 darts or less.

SINGLE - A complete single cricket game in 18 darts or less.
DOUBLE - A complete double cricket game in 18 darts or less.

95 and UP - Three darts totaling 95 or more in one round of darts.


C-6, C-7, C-8, C-9 - When scoring all star points in cricket, any combination of three darts in one round of darts that would total six, seven, eight or nine singles providing that they count toward closing of a number and/or score points. NOTE: Hitting a triple 20 when you already have two and your opponent has them closed counts only as a single 20; and so on for other darts.

Scoring: C6 = 120, C7 = 140, C8 = 160, C9 = 180

CORKS 3 and UP - Three or more corks in one round of darts providing that they all count toward the completion of the game. NOTE: If you have a cork from a previous turn and need two more to win the game, then you hit a single cork, double cork to win, it only counts as two corks.

Scoring: 3 Corks=120, 4 Corks=140, 5 Corks=160, 6 Corks=180 NOTE: A C6 or C7 which includes 3 or 4 corks is scored as a C6 or C7 AND 3 or 4 corks.


Three darts in one round of darts consisting of any three triples which total 171 or above in any '01 game; a C9 or 6 Corks in any cricket game. NOTE: This achievement award can be acquired in any seasonal match, the 401 singles and/or the playoffs.


Scoring a total of 500 or more all star points in one night's match.


A. The captain of any team may file a protest for any irregularity of a match. THE OPPOSING TEAM MUST BE NOTIFIED AT THE TIME OF THE PROTEST that the game/match from that point on will be played under protest. THE MATCH SHALL BE PLAYED TO CONCLUSION. The PROTEST must be filed with the Long Island Dart Association Executive Board IN WRITING, on a separate sheet of paper, within 72 HOURS of the match in question. The protest must also be indicated on the score sheets. The score sheets must be handled the same way as a score sheet that is not under protest. It must be mailed to the Long Island Dart Association on schedule as per Article 6.


A. 1. Heckling or other harassment is strictly forbidden. Overly loud and constant cheering or yelling is also forbidden. It is BOTH teams' responsibility to maintain the best of order during association play.

2. The repeated use of foul and/or insulting language and/or resorting to physical violence shall be considered just cause for the penalizing of the offender and/or the team. The penalty imposed will depend on the seriousness of the offense.

B. NOISE. A visiting team has the prerogative of requesting the jukebox be lowered and/or any game to be kept to a tolerable level. Game also includes pool table. The Executive Board's definition of tolerable is when the scorer can hear the caller clearly in a normal tone of voice.


A. A forfeit is when less than three players are present to play the match.

B. Forfeit adjustments will be calculated as follows:

All forfeits occurring in the first half of the season will be adjusted at the end of he first half. A minimum of eleven points will be credited the week that the forfeit occurs, during the first half of the season. Forfeits occurring in the second half will be adjusted in the week that the forfeit occurs.

C. A team that wins by forfeit will receive the HIGHEST of the following: Eleven points, their winning average, the forfeiting teams losing average as their win points. These averages will only include the scores of previously PLAYED matches, and will NOT include previous byes or forfeit scores.


D. Use of illegal players will result in the delinquent team receiving no points for the match and being penalized the average of the eligible team's win points. The eligible team will receive their score and all points won in any game(s) played by an illegal player, or the amount of points as covered in Article 11, Section C, which ever is greater.

E. Players winning any particular game within a match by forfeit may shoot for all star points as follows:

1. 401 - 12 darts
2. Cricket - 12 darts - without carrying points into the next turn. Once a number is closed during a turn, points can be scored on that number only during that turn.
3. 301 - 9 darts
4. 601 - 9 darts per shooter
5. 501 - 9 darts per shooter



1. CONFERENCES - The Diamond and Ruby Divisions and the Gold and Silver Divisions are the Gold Conferences. The Sapphire and Emerald Divisions and the Copper and Bronze Divisions are the Blue Conferences. The remaining divisions from Pearl Division down on Monday and from Nickel Division down on Tuesday are the Red Conferences.

2. QUALIFIERS - All first through fourth place teams in all divisions.

3. ELIMINATION ROUND - An elimination round is only necessary in any conference that exceeds four divisions. Refer to your play-off structure in your captain's envelope for the current season's elimination round status.


1. All match dates for the current season is on the play-off structure sheet in your captain's envelope. An additional copy will be mailed to all sponsors and captains approximately week 11. It is the captains responsibility to make sure their establishment posts a copy of the current seasons structure by week 13.

2. If an elimination round is necessary, it will consist of a single match. The first team to reach 11 points will advance to round one of the playoffs. The home advantage will be given to the team with highest win points at the end of week 14.

3. Play-off rounds will consist of two matches to be played on the assigned dates. The team with the highest win points at the end of week 14 will have the home advantage the first night even if scheduling will not permit them to play in their own establishment. the first team to reach 21 points will advance to the next round.

4. The Championship Round for all Conferences (Gold, Blue and Red) will consist of three matches. For match one, the Monday Champion will have the home advantage. For night two, the Tuesday Champion will have the home advantage. For match three, a neutral bar will be decided between the captains and must be an establishment on the Association Bar List for the current season. The home advantage will be given to the team with the most points going into night three. Should there be a 20-20 tie, the toss of a coin will decide it. The first team to reach 31 points is the winner.


1. No playoff matches may be rescheduled.

2. All matches should be underway by 8:00 PM. Any match not underway by 8:30 PM is subject to forfeit.

3. To be eligible to play in the playoffs, a player must have competed in at least seven (7) of the seasons weekly matches including the singles (unless otherwise approved by the Executive Board).

4. If a team is short players, they will be allowed to play with the number of players they have who are eligible at the time of the games (all match exchanges), without indicating to the opposing team which game(s) they will be short players prior to the exchange of the written line up.

5. A team who wins the first match by forfeit will receive 15 points. The forfeiting team will receive 5 points. The forfeiting team will play the remaining match in the opposing team's establishment as long as playing conditions permit. A team that forfeits the second match will receive no (0) points.

6. If there is a tie at the completion of any round, a 1001 game, five (5) person team, double in, double out, will decide the winner of the round. A written exchange will be conducted prior to the start of the 1001 and followed exactly as written. The start of the game will be decided by the toss of a coin.

7. Immediately at the conclusion of a round the winner must be called in to the Association phone, 561-1464, that night. Any winner not called in at the conclusion of a round may result in the winning team not advancing to the next round.



1. Any sponsor, team, or member has the right to appeal any decision made by the Executive Board.

2. The appeal process begins with a letter written to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will review the merits of the appeal. If further action is required, the Board of Directors may convene a meeting of the Board of Governors to make a determination of the appeal.


The Long Island Dart Association, Inc. does not act in a supervisory capacity with respect to association competition or events. No representatives will be sent to any matches to ensure that proper safety precautions are taken by members and participants. By participating in matches, members are acknowledging and agreeing that they are fully responsible for the proper supervision of dart tournaments and of any participants, spectators, patrons, bar employees and others present at the bar or location of any Association competition or event, and do further indemnify and hold the Association, its officers and directors free and harmless from any and all liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including attorney fees, court costs, etc.) to any person and property for injuries sustained by any participant, spectator, employee or patron of member. THE ASSOCIATION ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR INJURIES TO PERSON OR PROPERTY, OR THE CONDUCT OF HOME OR VISITING TEAM MEMBERS OR OTHER PATRONS, PARTICIPANTS OR SPECTATORS AT ANY ASSOCIATION COMPETITION OR EVENT.